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The Company operations is located at its own building which is situated at
No 3 Taman Sejati 2, 32000 Sitiawan, Perak D.R., Malaysia.

Tel: 605 6920466   Fax: 605 6917410, 605 6925975  Mobile: 016 5266213

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HISTORY -----------------------------------------

Etak Event Management has been dedicated to providing quality event production services both locally and nationally since 1990 for many types of events including concerts, corporate events, musical theater, fair and festivals. Through hard work, outstanding service and investment back into the company, Etak has grown into one of the Northern region leading providers of quality event production.

Our reputation for providing great service has been the result of over fifteen year in the event production business. We have experience working with variety of venues, from outdoors to arena size events, supporting every genre of music and every type of performance. We have the experience you are looking for.



GENERAL -----------------------------------------

Etak Event Management bring over more than 15 years of experience in quality sound reinforcement, lighting system,event entertainment, production, project installation, trusses, staging, canopy, sales and services. We pride ourselves to the abilities and aptitude for satisfy your event needs with cost effective and efficient solutions.

Over this time we have supplied sound, lighting, trussing, canopy, staging for some of the largest festivals in Peninsular Malaysia, as well as providing support for smaller, more intimate coordinators and technicians that make the difference.

From the beginning stages till the end of your event, Etak Event Management will be with you. Whether your event is the largest one of its kind or just a small intimate affair, our team of professional event coordinators will assist you in putting together an event for you and your guest to enjoy and remember.

We are dedicated to innovative products and services that meet your changing needs and satisfying your event needs. We provide pre-event consultation and design services to ensure complete event coverage. We fell confident that we can work together with you to design and implement a system that will make your event flow flawlessly. From intimate speaking engagements to spectacular festivals, Etak Event Management can complete the job for you.

We know what it takes to make your event as successful as is possible, from the planning process to installation and going live. We realize that every job has its own individualized needs. Let’s discuss your system requirements today.

We will give you a quick response with accurate specifications to formulate a workable budget with Etak Event Management.

“You will feel the difference !”


EQUIPMENT -----------------------------------------

At Etak Event Management we have designed and manufactured our distribution equipment to provide for flexibility during events as load requirements change. We have constructed our main panels, to be portable, dependable and safe.


EVENT SUPPORT -----------------------------------------

Etak Event Management long standing belief is to provide quality equipment and set-up the equipment operated by well-trained staff. We believe in the productivity and quality of the events. We understand that load requirements and needs change during events.


Our staff has a “There is a Solution” attitude that assures that your event will flow together and run smoothly. Once you call us at Etak Event Management, we take pride in helping you plan and create an event with impact that your guest will remember. At Etak Event Management we are dedicated to having the right equipment with pleasant on-site staff for your event.